Demystifying High-Frequency Electric Current Technology: A Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Frequency Electric Current Technology

Working Principles

Q: What is the working principle behind high-frequency electric current technology?

A: High-frequency electric current technology utilizes alternating electric currents at frequencies over 200kHz. At such high frequencies, the currents can penetrate skin tissues without stimulating nerves and muscles. These currents create thermal and oscillatory effects in tissues, generating therapeutic and cosmetic effects.

Q: Why can high-frequency currents permeate the skin?

A: The rapid oscillations of high-frequency currents enable them to pass through tissue gaps but not cell membranes, avoiding tissue damage. Skin resistance also decreases with rising frequencies, allowing easier passage of currents.


Q: How reliable is the anti-aging effect of high-frequency electric current technology?

A: Multiple studies have shown high-frequency currents can boost blood circulation, activate cell metabolism, and stimulate collagen growth - all contributing to anti-aging effects, though results vary across individuals.

Q: Is high-frequency current treatment really effective for acne?

A: By killing acne bacteria, disinfecting, and promoting blood flow, high-frequency currents have proven effective in acne improvement. But they cannot replace other comprehensive treatments.


Q: What are the contraindications for using high-frequency electric current technology?

A: It is not recommended for people with heart conditions, epilepsy, or electronic medical devices like pacemakers. Pregnant women should also use with caution.

Q: Does high-frequency current therapy have side effects?

A: There are typically no side effects with proper use. Some people may experience mild discomfort, resolvable by adjusting parameters.


Q: How to use high-frequency current devices properly for skincare?

A: Be sure to read product manuals. Maintain proper distance between applicator and face, follow treatment duration guidelines, and clean the device afterwards.

Q: When should you stop using a high-frequency device?

A: Stop use immediately if you experience pronounced pain, muscle contractions, or other abnormalities. You may resume after adjusting parameters.

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