Pioneering Cordless High Frequency Wand

Professional Cordless High Frequency Facial Wand

PRO FacialWand

PRO FacialWand

Lift, Firm, Radiate Without Limits

Lift, Firm, Radiate Without Limits

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LUCSUER®: Innovative Skincare, Natural Beauty

Discover the transformative power of innovative, portable skincare solutions engineered to unlock your natural radiance with Lucsuer's cutting-edge, wireless high-frequency technology and customizable treatments.

LUCSUER® PRO Facialwand High Frequency Wand

As a pioneer in beauty device innovation, Lucsuer® ProFacialwand utilizes advanced high-frequency therapy to penetrate deep beneath the skin's surface, revitalizing it at a cellular level.  This technology boosts collagen production, restoring a smooth, radiant, youthful complexion.

  • Acne Buster:Say Goodbye to Sensitivity
  • Collagen Regeneration:Say Goodbye To Wrinkles
  • Promote Hair Growth:Achieve Lush Hair
  • Exclusive Wireless Design:Safe and Convenient
  • The Maximum Strength:50%Higher than Others


high frequency Facial wand Benefits

*Based on a 4-week clinical study of 179 LIA panelists in April 2023. Individual results may vary.

Improve Acne

High-frequency treatments are a gentle and effective solution for acne. They use oxygen to safely eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, redness, and preventing future breakouts.

Grow and Protect Your Hair

The high frequency hair wand uses microcurrent technology to stimulate scalp and follicles for healthy hair growth. The gentle current nourishes roots, strengthens strands, and prevents damage. With regular use, enjoy thicker, fuller, shinier hair you'll love.

Revitalize Skin

Increased circulation also means more oxygen delivered to the skin. This energizes and renews skin cells, helping reveal a healthy, luminous glow. The improved blood flow also aids cell metabolism and turnover. This allows fresh, new skin cells to come to the surface.

Softens Lines & Wrinkles

The gentle oscillations from the High Frequency Facial Wand help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The massaging motion increases blood flow to nourish skin cells, boosting collagen production. Collagen helps maintain firmness and elasticity.

Lucsuer®High Frequency Facial Wand

Skin Therapy Wand effectively treats acne and scars with soft currents. FDA certified

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Elevate your skincare routine and achieve a natural, youthful glow with Lucsuer's innovative high frequency facial wands.
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