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High Frequency Machine Is So Famous, But Why?

by ProFacialWand 16 Aug 2023
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Introduction to High Frequency Machine Treatments

A high frequency machine is a skin care device that uses a mild electrical current to deliver therapeutic benefits. High frequency facials and treatments have become an extremely popular skin care trend in recent years. But why exactly are these machines so famous and sought-after?

This article will explore the benefits, procedures and safety of high frequency skin care. Read on to learn why these machines are renowned for their ability to improve a wide range of skin concerns through their germicidal, stimulating and heating effects. Discover how high frequency can enhance your skincare regimen by boosting product penetration, increasing blood circulation and speeding up cell renewal processes.

How Do High Frequency Machines Work?

High frequency machines work by producing high frequency alternating currents, which are delivered to the skin through a handheld glass electrode. The electrode does not actually touch the skin, but hovers 1-2 inches above the areas being treated.

As the current alternates at high frequency, it generates a warming and stimulating “high frequency glow” between the electrode and skin. The energy helps enhance blood circulation and cell turnover. At the same time, the high frequency currents eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin’s surface.

The stimulation of blood flow and cell regeneration improves skin health, while destroying bacteria provides a disinfecting effect that helps clear up breakouts. These combination effects make high frequency treatment helpful for issues like acne, dull skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Germicidal Benefits for Acne-Prone Skin

One of the most popular uses of high frequency machines is helping clear up acne breakouts by killing the P. acnes bacteria that causes them.

The oscillating high frequency currents emitted from the glass electrode create an “ozone field” rich in oxygen. This ozone field has natural disinfecting properties and oxidizes the bacterial cell walls. Destroying the bacteria reduces acne flare-ups and prevents new pimples from forming.

This makes high frequency treatment an effective add-on therapy for acne alongside problems like blackheads and cystic pimples. The painless treatment can quickly and easily blast away bacteria when used 1-3 times per week.

Stimulating Effects for Aging Skin

The alternating high frequency currents also have a stimulating effect on the skin, boosting blood flow and circulation. The increased blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.

This supplies the energy for cellular regeneration and renewal. With regular use, high frequency treatment prompts faster cell turnover to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and shrink enlarged pores.

The boosted circulation also creates a rosy, glowing complexion effect immediately after treatment. As blood flow is stimulated, skin appears more vibrant. Improved overall radiance makes high frequency a popular anti-aging treatment.

Heating Benefits for Product Penetration

In addition to electrical stimulation, high frequency currents warm the superficial layers of the skin. This gentle heating activates the skin’s natural self-healing processes.

The combination of heat and stimulation speeds up cell metabolism and regeneration to rejuvenate skin. It also dilates blood vessels to maximize circulation.

Warming the skin also opens pores to allow better absorption of skincare products. High frequency treatment is often used along with serums, masks and creams. The heat helps active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

This allows the high frequency treatment to improve the effectiveness of your other products. It helps deliver key ingredients past the surface to precisely target skin concerns.

Is High Frequency Machine Treatment Safe?

High frequency skin treatment is very safe and painless. The mild current and warmth is gentle enough for all skin types. Most people find the oscillating sensations soothing and therapeutic.

However, as a precaution, treatment may not be recommended for those with highly sensitive skin, open wounds or rashes on the area. Those with pacemakers should also avoid use.

No harsh chemicals or UV rays are used, unlike many mainstream acne treatments. Direct contact with eyes should be avoided. Use of conductive creams or gels is not required or recommended.

The wands typically have pressure sensors as an added precaution. Treatment will automatically stop if too much pressure is applied to the skin. Side effects are very minimal. Some people may notice minor redness that quickly dissipates after treatment.

Protocols for High Frequency Facial Treatment

A typical high frequency facial takes 15-30 minutes and involves moving the electrode slowly over clean skin or hovering it 1-2 inches away. No direct contact is necessary to gain the benefits.

Different glass shapes can be used to treat various contours of the face. The high frequency currents will penetrate a short distance beyond the skin’s surface.

General treatment areas include the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and affected acne areas. Repeat Slow circular motions over each zone for 30-60 seconds before moving to the next. This allows time for thorough disinfection and stimulation.

Use 3-4 times weekly for 4-6 weeks to see best results. Maintenance appointments every 1-2 weeks help sustain the benefits. It can be used alone or along with other procedures like microdermabrasion, light therapy and chemical peels for amplified effects.

Who Is High Frequency Skin Treatment Good For?

High frequency therapy is safe and effective for all genders, skin types and ages. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Acne-Prone Skin - The germicidal function helps clear current breakouts and prevent future ones.
  • Oily & Congested Skin - Deep cleansing desincrustation treats clogged pores and blackheads.
  • Hyperpigmentation - Stimulating skin renewal fades dark spots and discoloration.
  • Sagging Skin - Elevated cell metabolism lifts, firms and tightens.
  • Dull/Tired Skin - Boosted circulation gives the complexion a vibrant glow.
  • Enlarged Pores - Increased collagen production shrinks pore appearance.
  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles - Accelerated cell turnover smooths out wrinkles.
  • Scarring - Speeding up healing processes reduces the appearance of scars.

Shopping for a High Frequency Skin Machine

Look for a device with adjustable frequency between .5-5 MHz to suit different treatment needs. Complex wave oscillations, like the Tesla high frequency currents, yield optimal results.

The machine should come with an assortment of glass treatment electrodes in various shapes and sizes. This allows customization for all facial areas and concerns.

A pressure sensor safety feature is highly recommended. This will automatically stop the device if too much pressure is applied to the skin.

If you are looking for high quality, FDA-approved high frequency skincare devices at affordable prices, we recommend checking out the products at our website Our products are FDA-certified and offer great value.

While prices range from $50 - $500, unsophisticated devices under $50 are not advised. Invest in a proper quality high frequency generator for the best DIY facial treatment.

The Final Takeaway

It’s easy to see why high frequency facials have become the skin treatment trend du jour. The Nobel prize-winning technology provides a painless, foolproof option for common skin concerns using natural bioelectrical stimulation.

High frequency treatment is safe for all skin types and effectively improves acne, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sagging and dull complexions.

The three core benefits of high frequency electrical stimulation - increased blood flow, germicidal disinfection and faster cell turnover - make it a versatile anti-aging and acne-fighting tool.

An affordable at-home high frequency machine lets you harness these skin rejuvenating powers conveniently. Using a quality FDA approved device helps improve your daily skincare regimen and treat skin concerns with ease.

Revive Your Skin, Restore Your Radiance.

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