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High Frequency Wand

The Ultimate Guide to Using High Frequency Wands for Skin Care

by ProFacialWand 21 Mar 2024 0 Comments
high frequency wand for acne

High frequency wands have become a popular skin care tool in recent years. These handheld devices use gentle electrical currents and ozone to treat various skin conditions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how high frequency wands work, their benefits, how to use them properly, and the best wands to buy for home use.

What is a High Frequency Wand?

A high frequency wand is a handheld device that produces a mild electrical current along with ozone. The current comes from a high frequency generator. When the glass bulb at the end of the wand comes into close contact with the skin, the current converts oxygen particles in the air into ozone. The ozone molecule then penetrates below the skin’s surface to provide therapeutic benefits.

High frequency wands have been used in skin care since the early 1900s. Estheticians and dermatologists use them to treat acne, diminish fine lines, cleanse skin, minimize pores, and improve overall skin health. They are a safe, non-invasive tool that employs the antiseptic and stimulating benefits of ozone and high frequency electrical currents.

Benefits of High Frequency Wand Treatments

There are many skin care benefits associated with using a high frequency wand:

  • Kills acne-causing bacteria - The ozone produced by the device contains three oxygen atoms. This trio of oxygen penetrates pores to kill off acne-causing bacteria like propionibacterium acnes.

  • Reduces acne breakouts - By zapping acne-causing bacteria, high frequency treatments help prevent future breakouts. The ozone also dries out existing pimples by destroying bacteria deep within the pore.

  • Minimizes pores - In addition to clearing pores of debris, the oxygen ions help tighten pores for a smoother, flawless complexion.

  • Builds collagen - Exposure to ozone may stimulate collagen production. More collagen means firmer, more supple skin.

  • Fades fine lines/wrinkles - The increased collagen fostered by the ozone can fill in fine lines and wrinkles, providing a more youthful appearance.

  • Lightens hyperpigmentation - Ozone is proven to inhibit excess melanin production, helping fade dark spots and discoloration issues like melasma.

  • Improves circulation - The mild electrical current increases blood flow below the skin’s surface to impart a healthy glow.

  • Enhances product absorption - Clearing away dead skin cells and debris allows your skin care products to better penetrate the skin.

  • Detoxifies skin - Ozone is a powerful purifier that destroys bacteria on the skin’s surface while pulling grime out of pores.

  • Hydrates skin - Removing impurities can optimize the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture. Ozone also helps normalize oil production.

  • Prevents infections - In addition to acne-causing bacteria, high frequency wands also destroy other microbes that can generate painful infections. The antiseptic ozone protects wounds and skin from infection.

  • Safe for all skin types - High frequency wands do not use UV rays, harsh chemicals, or high heat. This makes them safe for all skin types.

How Do You Use a High Frequency Wand?

Using a high frequency wand is simple. It involves applying a conductive gel to the skin’s surface before gliding the glass bulb electrode over the area you wish to treat.

Here are some tips for maximizing the benefits of your high frequency wand:

  • Start with a clean face. Remove any makeup, oil or dirt so the conductive gel and ozone can penetrate effectively.

  • Apply conductive gel. Place a thin layer evenly over the treatment area. This allows the current to flow freely to the skin.

  • Turn on device to lowest setting. Place glass electrode 2-3 inches above skin and increase intensity slowly as tolerated.

  • Slowly glide bulb across gel. Keep the bulb constantly moving to avoid over-treating any single area.

  • Focus on problem spots. The glass electrode can gently touch the surface when targeting pimples, scars, etc. Limit contact on sensitive areas.

  • Stimulate skin. Move the wand in circular motions as you glide over treatment zones to boost circulation.

  • Avoid eyes/mouth. Take care not to bring the electrode too close to eyes or lips.

  • Treat for 5-10 minutes. Most high frequency wand sessions range from 5 to 10 minutes depending on skin concerns.

  • Increase frequency gradually. Start with lower Hertz (cycles per second) settings and work your way up as skin adjusts.

  • Allow skin to rest. Take breaks from electrode contact, especially on sensitive regions like the nasal folds.

  • Moisturize after. Apply a hydrating moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture and receive benefits from your serums.

  • Repeat 2-3 times per week. Consistency is key for optimal high frequency wand results.

What Are the Side Effects?

When used properly, high frequency wands are very safe. However, there are a few potential side effects to be aware of:

  • Dryness - The ozone and electrical current can cause temporary dryness or flaking. Reduce frequency/intensity if this occurs.

  • Irritation - Skin may become irritated from overuse or allergic reaction to conduction gel. Discontinue use if rash, redness or swelling develops.

  • Headache - Current flowing near the head may cause a headache. Keep the wand moving and avoid excessive current.

  • Eye strain - Don’t bring the electrode too close to eyes. The ozone may irritate eyes and cause strain.

  • Temporary redness - Direct electrode contact can result in temporary redness. This should fade within an hour.

  • Blisters/burns - Allowing the electrode to touch one spot for too long can burn skin. Keep the wand in constant motion.

To prevent potential side effects, start slowly, pay close attention during treatments, and discontinue use if any irritation or discomfort occurs. Ask your dermatologist if you have any concerns.

How to Choose the Best High Frequency Wand

There are many high frequency wands to choose from when shopping for home use. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • FDA-approved - Only purchase wands cleared for safety and effectiveness by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These adhere to strict regulations.

  • Medical grade glass - Bulbs should be constructed from borosilicate glass for durability, longevity and optimal ozone output. Plastic bulbs may melt with extended use.

  • Wide frequency range - Look for a wand with multiple frequency settings up to 3 MHz to allow for gradual adjustment as your skin adapts.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle - The best wands have thick, easy-grip handles that allow you to hold the device comfortably during treatments.

  • Professional packaging - Quality wands come in protective cases and include accessories like conductive gel and safety goggles.

  • Positive reviews - Read user reviews and look for wands that estheticians and dermatologists recommend most.

  • Warranty - A 1-3 year warranty provides peace of mind in case any manufacturing defects occur.

  • Value for money - Search for a wand that offers premium skin care benefits and durability at a reasonable price point.

My Top High Frequency Wand Recommendations

Here are my top recommendations for at-home high frequency wands:

  1. ProFacialWand High Frequency Wand - My #1 Pick

    ProFacialWand is my top choice for high frequency wands due to its unique cordless design. It’s one of the few FDA-cleared cordless wands on the market, providing greater freedom of movement and versatility. Unlike most corded wands, it enables 360-degree ozone coverage. ProFacialWand also comes with 6 interchangeable glass applicator attachments to address different skincare needs like tightening, sculpting, wrinkle reduction, etc. The cordless operation makes ozone therapy safer and more precise compared to other wands. Undoubtedly, ProFacialWand is the most lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use wand I’d recommend first.

  2. NuDerma High Frequency Wand - Classic Option

    NuDerma Pro is a classic FDA-cleared medical grade high frequency wand I’d also recommend. It uses neon argon gas bulbs to generate heat-free, vibration-free ozone. The ergonomic wand is comfortable to hold during 10-15 minute treatments. With 6 frequency settings up to 3MHz, separate argon and nebula bulbs, an accessory kit, and 2 year warranty, it provides excellent value for money.

    With its unique cordless versatility and multi-functional glass attachments, ProFacialWand is my top high frequency wand pick. But the tried-and-true NuDerma Pro corded wand is also a great option worth considering.

The Bottom Line

High frequency wands are a safe, chemical-free way to improve many common skin care concerns like acne, dullness, wrinkles and enlarged pores. When shopping for an at-home device, look for an FDA-cleared wand with premium glass bulbs, multiple frequency settings, positive reviews and a solid warranty. With consistent use, a quality high frequency wand can help you achieve clear, glowing skin.

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