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High Frequency Wand

Treating Acne and Breakouts with High Frequency Facial Wands

by ProFacialWand 27 Nov 2023 0 Comments
Treating Acne and Breakouts with High Frequency Facial Wands

Acne and occasional breakouts can be frustrating and difficult to treat. However, high frequency facial wands that use electrodes may provide an effective at-home treatment option. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of electrodes used in high frequency wands and how they can help clear up blemishes.

Glass Electrodes

Glass electrodes are one of the most popular electrodes used in high frequency wands for treating acne prone skin. They typically emit a cool purple or lavender colored light. This light is from the reaction of the oxygen and nitrogen in the air with the high frequency current flowing through the glass electrode.

They work by generating ozone, which has natural disinfectant and cleansing properties. When the ozone comes into contact with skin, it destroys acne-causing bacteria. This helps dry out existing pimples while also preventing new ones from forming.

The smooth glass surface is also very gentle on skin. Glass electrodes glide over the skin, bringing the cleansing ozone to pores and areas with breakouts. Just a few minutes with a glass electrode high frequency wand can leave skin looking less inflamed and reduce further blemishes.

Argon Electrodes

Argon electrodes work differently than glass electrodes, but can also be effective for acne. Instead of producing ozone, argon electrodes use ionization to push impurities out of pores and cleanse the skin. Argon electrodes usually emit a soft blue or blue-lavender glow when in operation.

The argon gas neutralizes hydrogen ions, constricting pores and removing embedded dirt and debris. This helps disinfect pores and dry out acne blemishes. Over several treatments, argon electrodes can prevent new breakouts by thoroughly sanitizing pores.

Argon also promotes circulation and collagen production which improves overall skin health. Healthier skin means less acne over time. The massaging technique of argon wands can drain cysts as well.

Neon or Xenon Electrodes

Neon or xenon electrodes provide a deeper cleaning effect on skin than glass or argon electrodes. The electrically charged gas penetrates deeper into pores, zapping acne-causing bacteria.

Neon electrodes produce a bright red-orange light during treatment while xenon electrodes emit a strong bluish-white glow. The added heat generated from neon and xenon also stimulates circulation. Increased blood flow whisks away pore-clogging debris. This prevents new blemishes from forming as old ones heal.

The skin-rejuvenating effects last for several days after treatment. While more intense, neon and xenon electrodes are gentler than harsh chemical acne treatments. With regular use, they can keep recurring breakouts at bay. Be sure not to use them too frequently though, as overly dried skin can also lead to acne.

Combination Electrodes

For versatility in treating different types of acne, combination high frequency facial wands offer both glass and gas electrodes in one wand. The multiple modalities allow you to use the best electrode for each acne-prone area.

With combination wands, you’ll see the different colors produced by the different types of electrodes.

Glass electrodes can precisely target whiteheads around the nose and mouth. Argon electrodes can then treat cystic acne elsewhere. The ability to switch back and forth between electrodes makes combination wands very convenient and effective for overall clear, healthy skin.

In summary, glass, argon, neon, and xenon electrodes all combat acne in different ways. But they commonly kill bacteria, dry out blemishes, and cleanse clogged pores that cause recurring breakouts. Using a high frequency facial wand with your electrode(s) of choice provides an easy at-home acne treatment for clearer, more radiant skin.

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