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Discover the Ultimate Skincare Gift: The High Frequency Facial Wand

by ProFacialWand 17 Nov 2023
Discover the Ultimate Skincare Gift: The High Frequency Facial Wand

Finding the perfect gift for a skincare lover can be a challenge. With so many products and tools on the market, how do you choose something special that will actually get used? This holiday season, consider giving the gift of glowing, healthy skin with a high frequency facial wand.

A high frequency facial wand is a handheld device that uses a mild electrical current to deliver therapeutic benefits to the skin. Gentle and non-invasive, these wands have become a staple in aesthetician’s toolkits for their ability to improve circulation, minimize pores, eliminate bacteria, and encourage collagen production. The results are instantly visible - skin looks refreshed, toned, and vibrant.


A high frequency facial wand works by producing a gentle electrical current, which creates Ozone. When the Ozone comes into contact with the skin, it not only deeply cleanses and disinfects, but also improves absorption of serums and moisturizers.

High frequency wands come with different shaped glass electrodes, referred to as wands or attachments. The wand shape helps direct and focus the Ozone onto certain areas like around the eyes, mouth, or targeted breakouts. Most wands have both a mushroom-shaped applicator for overall use and a pointed applicator for precision.

When the handheld device is switched on, a mild buzzing sensation can be felt. As the wand glides over the skin, a neon purple glow can be seen inside the glass. This visual glow indicates the Ozone production. Along with the buzzing, users may experience a subtle tingling, which is completely normal.

Ozone therapy dates back to the 19th century and is commonly used in spa and clinical settings. At-home high frequency facial wands provide a convenient way to experience the same professional skin treatment in the comfort of your home. Consistent use helps maintain results between aesthetician visits.

Why a High Frequency Facial Wand is the Ideal Skincare Gift

Unlike single-use skincare items that eventually get used up, a high frequency facial wand is a gift that keeps on giving. This powerful device provides both instant and long-term benefits for all skin types. Here’s why it makes the ideal gift:

Safe and Gentle for All Skin Types

High frequency wands are safe for all skin types and won’t cause irritation like harsh chemicals. The electrical current and Ozone are gentle, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. It improves skin at the cellular level without trauma.

Provides Both Immediate and Lasting Results

After just one use, skin looks cleaner, feels tighter, and pores appear minimized. With regular use 2-3 times per week, users notice significant improvements in fine lines, acne breakouts, uneven tone, and dullness. Results compound over time.

Fights Blemish-Causing Bacteria

The Ozone produced by high frequency wands has antiseptic properties that kill acne-causing bacteria on contact. This helps eliminate current breakouts and prevent future ones. Those struggling with acne will see quick improvements.

Boosts Product Absorption

Ozone opens pores and follicles so skincare products can better penetrate the skin. Serums and moisturizers become more effective when applied after use. The wand maximizes the results of other products.

Encourages Collagen Reproduction

The stimulating nature of high frequency electrical currents triggers the skin to ramp up collagen and elastin reproduction. This tightens, firms, and plumps the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Convenient At-Home Treatments

High frequency wands make professional Ozone facials accessible any time. The 10-15 minute at-home treatments are easy to self-administer whenever skin needs a quick pick-me-up. It’s ideal for weekly maintenance between spa visits.

How to Use a High Frequency Facial Wand

Using a high frequency facial wand is simple and straightforward. With proper technique, you’ll maximize results while keeping safety top of mind. Follow these steps for best practices:

1. Cleanse and Tone

It’s important to start with clean, dry skin free of makeup, oil, and residue. Cleanse and tone the skin to remove impurities and allow the Ozone to penetrate.

2. Apply Conductive Gel

Apply a thin layer of conductive gel evenly across the areas of the face you wish to treat. This helps the electrical current glide smoothly across the skin.

3. Turn On Device and Select Attachment

Power on the high frequency wand and select the mushroom or pointed glass attachment. Start with the rounded mushroom tip for overall circulation and cleansing.

4. Glide Over Skin

Glide the wand in sweeping motions over the conductive gel. Work in sections. Use the pointed tip to target blemishes and fine lines around eyes and lips.

5. Buzz 3-5 Seconds Per Area

Hold the wand an inch from skin and buzz each area for 3-5 seconds, moving continuously. Be sure not to overdo it. Sensitive areas like around eyes and mouth require less time.

6. Repeat on All Areas of Face/Neck

Systematically cover the entire face. Include the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck. Avoid direct contact with eyes and ears.

7. Remove Conductive Gel

Once finished, dampen a soft cloth with tonic water or witch hazel and gently wipe face to remove conductive gel. Pat dry.

8. Apply Serums and Moisturizers

Finish with your favorite anti-aging serums and moisturizers so your freshly treated skin can fully absorb them.

With consistent use 2-3 times per week, you’ll see skin transformation. Always listen to your skin and adjust treatment times accordingly.

Customer Reviews and Success Stories

The proof is in the countless rave reviews from real high frequency facial wand users. Here is direct feedback from customers who have experienced transformative results:

“I’ve had my high frequency wand for 3 weeks and my hormonal acne is COMPLETELY cleared up! I wish I had taken before and after pics - the difference is astonishing. I use it every other day and my skin tone and texture is evening out too. I’m hooked.”

“I started using my wand 2x a week and my mom even noticed how much brighter and tighter my skin looks. Those fine lines around my eyes are way less noticeable. I can’t wait to see more results after more time using it.”

“Acne runs in my family, so frustrating! The wand has been a game changer. My breakouts have decreased by at least half and heal so much faster. I use it as spot treatment when I feel a blemish surfacing. It never fully erupts.”

These are just a sampling of the thousands of reviews from real high frequency wand users. There are many more success stories and before/after photos on The images showcase the dramatic improvements in wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores, dullness, and overall skin health and vitality.

How to Choose the Best High Frequency Facial Wand

When shopping for a high frequency facial wand, there are a few key factors to consider:

Wand Shape

Look for a wand with interchangeable glass attachments in both mushroom and pointed shapes. This provides flexibility to treat the entire face or target specific areas.

Electrode Material

Pure fused quartz glass electrodes produce safe Ozone without risk of corrosion or debris. Plastic electrodes can melt and less pure glass may contain lead.

Adjustable Frequency

Wands with adjustable frequency settings (Hz) allow you to customize intensity levels. Start low and work up as skin adjusts.


A 1 year+ warranty provides peace of mind that any defects will be repaired or replaced. This ensures the wand will deliver lasting results.


Read reviews and look for wands tested and approved by aestheticians for safety and results. A history of satisfied users indicates quality. offers medical-grade high frequency facial wands backed by 20+ years of research and development. With pure fused quartz glass, adjustable frequency, and a 5 year warranty, these are the gold standard in safety, efficacy, and durability.

Discover why thousands trust ProFacialWand wands for spa-quality Ozone facials at home. Gift the skin renewal gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Give the Gift of Healthy, Vibrant Skin

A high frequency facial wand is truly the ultimate skincare gift. This versatile tool works to cleanse, disinfect, minimize pores, boost circulation, encourage collagen production, and absorb serums better. It provides both instant and cumulative benefits for all skin types.

Stop searching for single-use products and give your loved one the gift of lasting skin transformation. offers the highest quality wands to unlock radiant, youthful skin.

Visit today and find the perfect high frequency facial wand. Use code HOLIDAY22 at checkout for 10% off your entire order. Give the gift of glowing skin just in time for the holidays!

Revive Your Skin, Restore Your Radiance.

At Lucsuer®, we believe everyone deserves healthy, vibrant skin. That dream drives our product designs. We're dedicated to innovating technologies that restore your skin's radiance and vitality. We continuously optimize our PRO FacialWand high frequency wands to revive and rejuvenate your complexion. We love hearing our customers' positive feedback, because our purpose is helping you regain confidence and beauty. We'll keep pushing boundaries through R&D to realize our vision of assisting all in rediscovering their skin's luminosity. Join us in exploring your possibilities for renewal.

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