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High Frequency Wand Before and After

by ProFacialWand 07 Aug 2023
high frequency wand before and after

See the Transformative Power of High Frequency Facial Wands

High frequency wands have become an incredibly popular skincare tool in recent years. Also known as high frequency facial machines, these handheld devices use mild electrical currents to impart a range of benefits for the skin. But it’s often seeing dramatic before and after photos that sparks people’s interest in trying high frequency wands for themselves.
In this post, we’ll take a close look at high frequency wand before and after pictures to showcase the transformative effects on various skin concerns. You’ll also learn proper techniques to maximize results, safety precautions, and where to find reliable high frequency wands to bring home the same amazing benefits for your own skin.

High Frequency Wands: How Do They Work?

how do the high frequency facial wand work

High frequency wands use an electrical current to create ozone, which is a form of oxygen. When the ozone interacts with skin, it not only disinfects and cleans, but also stimulates blood circulation, cell metabolism, collagen production, and more.
Used consistently, the effects of a high frequency facial are:

  •  Killing acne-causing bacteria
  •  Reducing acne breakouts, cystic acne, and scarring
  • Minimizing enlarged pores
  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosting collagen for firmer skin
  • Improving tone and texture for a youthful glow

The results can be significant, especially over time. But pictures showing high frequency wand before and after give the best idea of how impactful they can be.

Acne and Acne Scars

One of the most dramatic transformations people see with high frequency wands is the reduction in acne breakouts and acne scarring. The ozone produced naturally disinfects skin and kills bacteria responsible for acne. And increased blood circulation improves delivery of nutrients and oxygen to revitalize skin cells.
This first before and after example shows a reduction in active breakouts after 8 weeks of consistent high frequency wand use. Redness and scarring have also improved.

after 8 weeks of consistent high frequency wand use

In this next photo, you can see a significant fading of acne scars, as well as smaller pores, after 12 weeks of high frequency treatments.

after 12 weeks of high frequency treatments

With persistent use, high frequency can continually eliminate acne-causing bacteria and oil buildup in pores while smoothing and brightening the complexion.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines develop over time from sun damage, muscle movements, and loss of collagen. The stimulating effects of high frequency can help reverse these signs of aging.
Ozone increases blood circulation to nourish skin cells, promoting collagen regeneration. The massage technique also temporarily plumps fine lines.
Check out this exciting before and after showing a reduction in forehead wrinkles and lift under the eyes after 6 weeks of high frequency wand use.

Before and after  wrinklefine line improvement

Consistent high frequency treatments can both prevent new wrinkles from forming and soften existing ones for a more youthful, vibrant look.

Sagging Skin

Facial skin starts to sag and lose elasticity with age, but high frequency wands can help lift, tone, and firm. The increased blood flow provides essential nutrients to strengthen collagen fibers and improve elasticity over time.
See how in this before and after, the high frequency wand firmed sagging cheeks, diminished jowls, and tightened jawline skin after 8 weeks.

Before and after lift of sagging facial skin

As you use a high frequency wand regularly, the stimulation promotes collagen production and retexturizes skin for gradual tightening and lifting effects.

Dull and Uneven Complexion

Environmental pollutants, sun damage, genetics, and more can cause skin to appear dull, uneven, and lackluster. High frequency wands reenergize tired skin by increasing blood flow to all areas. This brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface to brighten and even out tone.
Check out this brightening transformation after 6 weeks of high frequency treatment. The after photo shows reduced dullness and a more radiant glow.

Before and after skin brightening results

With a revitalized complexion like this, it's easy to see why high frequency wands are so highly regarded for their rejuvenating capabilities. 

How to Use a High Frequency Wand for Best Results

Now that you’ve seen the incredible before and after high frequency wand results, here are some tips for using it safely and effectively:
- Thoroughly cleanse and tone skin first to remove dirt, oil and makeup so the high frequency can better penetrate your skin.
- Glide the wand head slowly over the skin, holding it 1-2 inches away. Don't press hard or let it touch the skin.
- Move in an outward, circular motion across each section of the face for 30 seconds before moving to a new area. Spend extra time on acne, scars and fine lines.
- Start from the center of the face and work outward. Be systematic so you cover all areas evenly.
- Use the high frequency wand 2-3 times per week for best results. Combining with an oxygen-infused serum boosts effects.
- Always use a sanitary plastic cap on the glass wand head to prevent contamination. Disinfect metal wands between uses.
- Adjust intensity from low to medium. Start slow if it's your first time and build up tolerance.
- Don't use on broken, inflamed or irritated skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes, thyroid gland and pacemaker.
- Drink extra water post-treatment to flush away impurities released from the skin.
Now you're fully equipped to unlock the rejuvenating potential of high frequency wands! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Safety Precautions

While high frequency wands are safe for most people, it's important to keep these precautions in mind:
- Avoid direct contact with the thyroid gland in the neck area. The electromagnetic output could affect thyroid function.
- Don't use if you have a pacemaker or any implanted electrical devices. The currents could interfere with function.
- Don't use on irritated, recently waxed or broken skin. Wait for conditions to heal before treating affected areas.
- Take care around the eyes and mouth. The thin skin is extra sensitive in these zones.
- Start slowly and watch for any irritation or discomfort. Discontinue use if any develops.
- Stay hydrated before and after use to support the detoxification process.
Following basic safety measures allows you to unlock all the beauty benefits without any risks!

 Where to Buy Effective and Safe Devices?

With high frequency wands growing in popularity, many brands have emerged selling devices of varying quality. For best results, look for wands that:

  • - Offer multiple glass bulb shapes to target different facial contours
  • - Allow intensity adjustment from low to high frequencies
  • - Have replaceable argon gas bulbs
  • - Are FDA or CE safety certified
  • - Come from a reputable manufacturer with good customer ratings
  • - Provide a warranty of 1 year or longer

Doing a bit of research helps ensure the wand you buy is effective and safe for radiant, healthy skin. Reputable companies like NuDerma offer high-quality, intuitive high frequency machines perfect for home use.
In addition, is the first-ever cordless high-frequency facial wand! It offers worldwide free shipping and a 30-day return and exchange policy. 


After seeing dramatic high frequency wand before and after results firsthand, it's clear these devices can truly revitalize the complexion. With a quality high frequency machine, consistent use, and proper technique, you too can achieve smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. Just be sure to educate yourself on the benefits, purchase a top-rated device from a reputable company, and use proper safety precautions. Incorporate high frequency skin care into your beauty regimen today to restore your natural glow.
The complete informational guide above tells you everything you need to know. Now it's your turn to experience the amazing skin transformation high frequency wands deliver!

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Revive Your Skin, Restore Your Radiance.

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