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Safety Tips for Using a High Frequency Wand

by Pro FacialWand 30 Jul 2023
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Essential Safety Tips for Using Your High Frequency Facial Wand

High frequency electrical current provides skin rejuvenation through its disinfecting and stimulating effects. High frequency wands are relatively safe devices. However, misuse raises the risk of minor side effects or injury. Here we’ll review critical safety tips for using your high frequency wand properly and avoiding problems.

Choose an FDA-Approved Device

In America, high frequency devices are classified as medical electrical equipment by the FDA. Reputable brands like Belifu and Drokusa undergo strict compliance testing to meet FDA safety standards. These medical-grade wands satisfy electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and performance requirements.

Wands without FDA clearance haven't proven they meet quality and safety benchmarks through regulated testing. Avoid questionable brands - it’s not worth the risk. Only use a wand cleared for home use.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Before ever powering on your high frequency wand, read the user manual thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the safety warnings and precautions.

Key steps to review:

  • Proper assembly
  • Intensity settings
  • Suggested treatment times
  • Electrode options
  • Indications of malfunction
  • Contraindications
  • Disinfection

Following the protocols from the manufacturer ensures you operate the wand safely as intended.

Start on the Lowest Setting

High frequency wands allow you to adjust the intensity, or strength, of the electrical current.

When first using a wand or switching to a new electrode attachment, always start on the lowest intensity setting.

Gradually increase the intensity over a few minutes as you acclimate and determine your personal comfort range.

Starting low prevents an unexpectedly strong current that can surprise or sting sensitive skin.

Avoid Contact With Eyes

The mucous membranes around eyes are far more sensitive than facial skin. High frequency wands should never directly contact or even come very close to eyes.

As you glide the electrode over the skin, be attentive to stay at least one inch away from the entire eye area. This protects eyes from irritation.

Special curved eye electrodes help treat crow’s feet and under eye zones safely.

Don’t Hold On Moles or Blemishes

Skin abnormalities like moles, warts, and open wounds require caution with high frequency treatment.

Glide electrodes over blemishes gently without pressing or hovering. Avoid directing the current at moles or susceptible areas.

The stimulation can irritate sensitive lesions if focused too intensely.

Keep the Wand Moving

When gliding the electrode over the skin during treatment, avoid holding it stationary in one spot for more than a few seconds.

Continuous motion ensures the current diffuses evenly for optimal results. Pausing too long in one area concentrates the stimulation, raising irritation risks.

The exception is gentle compressive massage techniques where the electrode makes light contact with the skin. But these methods require training to perform safely.

Limit Treatment to 10 Minutes Per Area

Excessive high frequency treatment time can irritate and dehydrate skin rather than rejuvenate it.

Limit treatment sessions to 10 minutes or less per facial area and 5 minutes for smaller localized zones. Take breaks as needed.

Timer safety features on wands automatically power off after 10 minutes to prevent overuse.

Know When to Avoid Use

While generally safe, high frequency wands are not appropriate for every situation. Avoid use if you have:

  • Sunburn
  • Active cold sores
  • Skin infections
  • Recent facial procedures
  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer or tumors
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Circulatory disorders

When in doubt, consult your doctor about any contraindications before trying high frequency therapy.

Prevent Device Overheating

Excessive, continuous use can cause some wand models to overheat. Signs include:

  • Hot handle or electrodes
  • Odd or burning smells
  • Decreased intensity

Prevent overheating by:

  • Taking regular breaks during prolonged use
  • Allowing the device to fully cool if warm
  • Checking for blockages in air vents
  • Not covering the wand during operation

Avoid direct contact with hot wands to prevent burns. Report any concerning signs to the manufacturer.

Keep Children and Pets Away

High frequency wands create electrical arcs that could harm curious kids and pets. Keep your device stored safely away when not in use.

Never allow children or animals near a wand when powered on. Supervise teens closely if allowing use for acne.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Because the electrodes emit current very close to the face, diligent hygiene prevents bacterial cross-contamination.

  • Thoroughly wash removable electrodes after each use.
  • Disinfect electrode heads periodically.
  • Keep electrodes in a clean case when not using.
  • Avoid touching the glass treatment surfaces.
  • Keep your face clean before treatment.

Proper care maximizes safety and lifespan of your high frequency wand.

Monitor Skin Reactions

Most people tolerate high frequency treatment well. But pay attention for potential skin irritation like:

  • Redness lasting more than an hour
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Bumps, hives, or swelling
  • Increased breakouts

If any worrisome reaction occurs, stop use and consult your dermatologist.

Report Concerning Effects

Seeking medical help for any burns, eye conditions, or heart issues possibly related to high frequency wand use is recommended. Consider reporting significant adverse effects to the FDA via MedWatch. This helps identify safety concerns with devices on the market.

Avoid DIY Wand Repairs

Do not attempt to open, modify, or repair your high frequency wand. The electrical arcs can seriously injure you if accidentally powered on during inspection.

For suspected problems or needed servicing, disconnect the device and contact the manufacturer. They will arrange proper technical assessment and corrections.

Following basic safety precautions keeps high frequency skin therapy pleasant and beneficial. But remember these devices do interact with the body’s electrical systems - treat them with sensible caution. Consult your doctor if unsure about personal risks.

The Takeaway

While low risk, improper use of high frequency wands can generate avoidable side effects. Following key tips maximizes safety:

  • Choose an FDA-approved wand for quality assurance
  • Read all instructions thoroughly before use
  • Start on low intensity and increase gradually
  • Avoid contact with eyes or moles
  • Limit treatment times and take breaks
  • Skip use if you have any medical contraindications
  • Keep wands away from children and pets
  • Maintain strict hygiene
  • Monitor skin for reactions
  • Report any concerns to your doctor

With sensibility and care, high frequency wands boost your skincare safely. But always exercise prudent respect for these electrical devices.

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