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Pro or Home High Frequency Wand?

by Pro FacialWand 21 Jul 2023
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High frequency electrical stimulation is an effective skin treatment traditionally performed in professional settings like medical spas and dermatology offices. But at-home high frequency facial wands provide an affordable way to achieve similar results in the convenience of your home. Here we’ll compare professional high frequency machines to consumer facial wands - from how they work to their benefits, safety, costs, and overall effectiveness.

How Do They Work?

Both professional machines and consumer wands operate on the same basic principles and deliver high-frequency electrical currents to the skin. But there are some differences in how they generate and deliver the currents.

Professional high frequency machines

  • Use a Tesla coil to produce high voltage, low amperage current
  • Require a large power source and may not be portable
  • Have insulated handles and operate indirectly through glass electrodes
  • Offer higher intensity current and wider range of frequencies
  • Use inert noble gases like argon to generate ozone

At-home high frequency wands

  • Use solid state circuitry to generate current directly in the handle
  • Are compact and portable for home use
  • Also have insulated handles with interchangeable glass applicators
  • Deliver lower intensity current at limited frequencies
  • Use ambient air and the glass electrode to produce ozone

While professional machines generate more powerful alternating currents from Tesla coils, handheld wands also deliver skin-benefiting high frequency stimulation, just at lower intensities.

High Frequency Skin Benefits

Both professional treatments and at-home wands provide benefits like:

  • Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the skin
  • Killing acne-causing bacteria through ozone disinfection
  • Speeding absorption of skincare products applied before use
  • Softening and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimizing enlarged pores
  • Increasing collagen production for firmer skin
  • Reducing inflammation and promoting healing
  • Tightening and toning sagging facial muscles

However, professional high frequency generally provides faster, more dramatic results since the currents can be calibrated to each patient and delivered at higher intensities than consumer wands.

Who Performs Professional Treatments?

High frequency skin treatments should always be administered by licensed professionals with proper training, including:

  • Dermatologists - High frequency can treat skin conditions like acne.
  • Estheticians - Offered in clinical and medical spas for facials.
  • Aestheticians - Used for skin therapy and makeup application.
  • Electrologists - Helpful for permanent hair removal.
  • Chiropractors - May stimulate skin along with musculoskeletal treatments.

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants may also perform high frequency under medical supervision. Seek properly credentialed practitioners for professional treatments.

Is High Frequency Safe?

Both professional machines and consumer wands are generally safe when used properly on healthy skin. However, precautions are advised, and some people may need to avoid high frequency entirely.

Safety precautions

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth
  • Do not use on broken, infected or irritated skin
  • Keep 1-2 inches from skin surface to prevent burns
  • Start at lowest intensity and increase gradually
  • Limit to recommended treatment times
  • Sterilize glass electrodes before each use

Who should avoid high frequency

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Those with pacemakers or medical implants
  • People prone to seizures
  • Anyone using skin medications
  • Children under age 12
  • People with circulatory system issues

See a doctor before professional treatments if you have any underlying medical conditions. Carefully follow all instructions with at-home wands.

Cost Comparison

Professional high frequency machine skin treatments typically range from $50-150 per session at medical spas and dermatology offices. Treatments are recommended every 2-4 weeks for the first few months, then monthly maintenance. This can become costly over time.

Consumer at-home wands have upfront equipment costs ranging $40-250 depending on features. But there are no recurring fees, so they become more economical with regular long-term use. They provide cost savings if you'll use a high frequency device consistently.

Effectiveness for Acne

Both modalities are effective at treating acne breakouts, but in different ways:

  • Professional machines use higher frequency currents along with UV lights to destroy acne bacteria and disinfect skin.

  • At-home wands work by increasing blood flow and using ozone to kill bacteria. Their effects are gentler but still beneficial.

  • In-office treatments produce faster results on severe acne due to higher intensities and incorporation of other techniques like light therapy under medical supervision.

  • Consumer wands improve mild to moderate breakouts more gradually but are safe for regular use.

Consider your acne severity when choosing professional versus at-home treatment.

Wrinkle Reduction Capabilities

For reducing wrinkles and fine lines, professional high frequency produces more significant tightening, toning, and smoothing results versus consumer units:

  • In-office treatments use galvanic and microcurrent modalities along with high frequency to deeply penetrate skin and stimulate collagen.

  • Professional machines deliver stronger muscle-contracting currents to lift and tighten the face.

  • At-home wands rely solely on high frequency currents at lower intensities for more temporary tightening effects.

  • Consumer wands still induce mild collagen and elastin production for some gradual anti-aging benefits over time.

  • For dramatic wrinkle reduction, professional treatments deliver faster, longer-lasting results.

Ease of Use

Professional machine treatments require going to scheduled appointments where trained technicians operate the equipment.

At-home wands provide the convenience of quick facial treatments whenever desired in your own home. They are extremely simple to use. Just glide the glass applicator across clean skin.

For those short on time or without easy access to professional offices, consumer wands offer easy integration into daily routines.

Features and Capabilities

Professional machines offer more advanced features:

  • Precisely calibrated, controlled treatment variables
  • Higher intensity current, voltage, and frequency settings
  • Multiple modalities like galvanic or microcurrent combined with high frequency
  • Large electrode options for full face and body treatment
  • Ability to disinfect treatment tips between patients

Consumer wands have advantages like:

  • Portability
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Multiple glass electrode shapes
  • Adjustable intensity dials
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost savings long-term

Professionals use more complex, configurable equipment while consumer wands prioritize convenience and ease of use.

Risk of Adverse Effects

The risk of negative side effects is low with either modality when used properly, but a few differences exist:

  • Professional treatments have a lower risk since they are administered by trained experts.
  • Consumer wands have a higher risk of improper use since instructions aren't supervised.
  • Burns or irritation are more likely with excessive at-home use.
  • Professionals can adjust protocols if patients experience discomfort.
  • Self-treatment with wands requires stopping immediately if pain occurs.

While both are relatively safe, the extra precautions of in-office procedures can minimize risks further.

Overall Recommendations

In summary, here are general recommendations on selecting professional treatment vs. at-home wands:

Professional High Frequency When:

  • You have severe acne that needs rapid improvement.
  • You desire intense anti-aging effects.
  • You want treatments customized and supervised by professionals.
  • You have underlying health conditions.
  • You are pregnant, nursing, or under 12.

At-Home High Frequency Wands When:

  • You have mild to moderate acne.
  • You aim to prevent early skin aging.
  • You want convenient, economical home treatments.
  • You have a clear understanding of all risks and precautions.
  • You have no medical conditions exacerbated by high frequency.

Of course, always consult your dermatologist or physician for advice tailored to your unique skin and health needs. Both professional treatments and quality home devices can improve skin when used properly.

Revive Your Skin, Restore Your Radiance.

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