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15 Secrets About High Frequency Wands That Nobody Will Tell You

by ProFacialWand 12 Sep 2023
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High frequency wands, also known as high voltage wands, Tesla wands, or plasma wands, have become increasingly popular in recent years. But there are still many secrets and mysteries surrounding these unique devices.

In this blog post, we will uncover 15 fascinating secrets about high frequency wands that most people don't know. From their intriguing history to how they work, we will delve into the captivating world of high voltage wands. Continue reading to learn insider information that wand manufacturers and retailers will never tell you.

The Mysterious History of High Frequency Wands

Secret #1: Nikola Tesla pioneered early high frequency experiments.

The inventor Nikola Tesla is credited with creating the first primitive high frequency wand in the late 19th century. Tesla conducted early experiments with high voltage, high frequency currents and discovered that they had unique properties. He built large coils that produced high voltage discharges and noticed they formed streamers of glowing plasma in the air. This led to the creation of the first primitive high frequency wands.

Secret #2: They were used for quack medical devices in the early 20th century.

In the early 1900s, high frequency wands were adopted for use in dubious medical devices. Quack doctors claimed that the wands could cure a wide variety of ailments. The glass bulbs of early wands were said to concentrate “electrical energy” to treat conditions like arthritis, insomnia, and even cancer. Of course, these claims were pseudoscientific and misleading. But they contributed to the early popularity of high frequency wands.

How High Frequency Wands Work

Secret #3: The glass bulb amplifies the electrical current.

The glass bulb at the end of the wand plays a key role. When the high voltage current passes through it, the glass helps amplify the electrical energy. This allows the electrons to excite and ionize the gases inside the bulb, causing them to glow brightly. The glass material enables the wand to produce a brighter plasma discharge.

Secret #4: They use high frequencies above 200 kHz.

While AC power lines operate at 50-60 Hz, high frequency wands utilize much higher frequencies ranging from 200 kHz up to 5 MHz. These high frequencies allow the wands to create glowing plasma streamers more easily. The higher the frequency, the farther the electrical current can travel through the air.

Secret #5: The shape boosts the electric field intensity.

The tapered shape of the glass bulb concentrates the electric field intensity. This allows the wands to project plasma streamers farther into the air. The small tip of the bulb produces an area of highly concentrated electric field strength that lets the plasma extend outwards more easily.

Customizing and Optimizing High Frequency Wands

Secret #6: Thicker coils sustain higher power levels.

The coil windings should be reasonably thick to handle the heat and power. Thinner coils may overheat or be damaged by the high power flowing through them. Multiple layers of thicker windings allow the wand to sustain higher voltage inputs. This enables it to produce longer and more visible plasma streamers.

Secret #7: Flat coils generate less EMI.

Most wands use cylindrical coils, but some utilize flat spiral coils. The advantage of flat coils is they generate less electromagnetic interference (EMI). This makes them safer to use around sensitive electronics like computers or medical devices. However, flat coils are more difficult to construct.

Secret #8: Higher frequencies produce shorter streamers.

While higher frequencies allow plasma streamers to travel farther, extremely high frequencies above 1 MHz will produce shorter streamers. This is because the electric current alternates so rapidly at super high frequencies that there is less time to ionize the gas molecules. 400-500 kHz offers a good balance for producing long, bright streamers.

Secret #9: Adding ferrite rods focuses the energy.

Wrapping ferrite rods around the base of the glass bulb can help focus the electrical energy. Ferrite shapes and concentrates the magnetic field produced by the coil. This allows for a more directed, intense electric field to emit from the tip of the wand. The ferrite rod essentially works like an electromagnet to amplify the effects.

Safety Tips and Precautions

Secret #10: Keep wands away from pacemakers.

The high voltage and EMI emitted by wands can interfere with sensitive medical devices like pacemakers. Anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device should avoid operating high frequency wands or even getting too close to them when activated. The electromagnetic interference can disrupt proper functioning.

Secret #11: Avoid touching the glass during operation.

Touching the glass bulb while a high voltage current is passing through it can lead to mild shocks. While not typically dangerous due to the high frequency, it can be startling. The glass can get quite hot during extended operation as well. Let the wand cool down before handling it after use.

Secret #12: Keep them away from explosive gases.

High frequency wands can ignite flammable vapors, so they should be kept away from any source of explosive gases like propane, gasoline, natural gas lines etc. The high voltage plasma arcs can trigger ignition, so it's critical to only operate wands in well-ventilated areas devoid of flammable fumes.

Secret #13: Use an isolation transformer for safety.

Connecting a wand directly to household AC outlets is risky, because a malfunction can send high voltage back down the line. Using an isolation transformer prevents this by separating/isolating the wand from the building wiring. An isolation transformer insulates the wand from the power grid for added protection.

Secret #14: Stay hydrated when using them often.

Operating high frequency wands for extended periods can deplete the air of negative ions. This can lead to feelings of fatigue or headaches for some. Staying well hydrated and taking breaks helps counteract these effects. Open some windows to circulate fresh air into the room as well.

Special Effects and Plasma Magic

Secret #15: Conductive objects project cool lightning effects.

Bringing conductive objects like metal screws or foil near the plasma streamers produces cool lightning effects as the current jumps. This occurs because the conducting material is at a lower electrical potential, allowing the leader streamers to connect. It's a fun way to harness the power of high frequency wands.

The visually stunning arcs and electrical effects produced by high frequency wands almost seem like science fiction. But in reality, they simply utilize basic principles of electrical physics and engineering. With proper safety precautions, these plasma-generating devices offer a unique way to explore and experiment with Tesla's historic high voltage research.


High frequency wands are shrouded in intrigue and mystery, but their background is rooted more in sensationalism than science. By revealing the genuine secrets of how these Tesla-inspired inventions operate, we can appreciate them for what they truly are - captivating high voltage plasma devices. Experimenting with their visual effects and unique electrical properties provides insight into cutting-edge physics.

Hopefully these secrets shed light on the fact and fiction surrounding high frequency wands. With this insider knowledge, you can operate them more safely and get the most out of their plasma-generating capabilities. Just remember to take the proper safety precautions, and enjoy unleashing your inner Nikola Tesla!

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