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The Power of High Frequency in Facial Care

by ProFacialWand 08 Sep 2023
The Power of High Frequency in Facial Care

A Brief History of High Frequency facial wand

High frequency skin therapy has become an increasingly popular skin treatment over the past few years. However, the origins of this technology actually date back to the early 1900s.

The history of high frequency skin therapy traces back to two key inventions in the late 19th century. First was the inventor Nikola Tesla, who in the 1880s-1890s invented the induction motor and polyphase motor. These inventions laid the technical foundations for generating high frequency alternating currents. Later, the French physician d’Arsonval discovered in 1890 that human tissues produce a thermal effect but no electric shock when placed in a high frequency alternating electric field. This discovery pioneered the new era of medical treatment using high frequency currents.

Building upon the inventions and discoveries of Tesla and d’Arsonval, doctors in the early 1900s began researching the use of radio waves’ thermal effects for treating diseases. By the 1930s, high frequency treatment was widely adopted in Europe and America. The medical community later found that high frequency currents also simultaneously promote blood circulation and cell regeneration. This expanded the application of high frequency treatment to skin care.

In essence, without the technical foundations provided by Tesla, there would be no generation of high frequency currents; without d’Arsonval’s discovery, high frequency currents would not have been used in medicine. The contributions of the two pioneers laid the cornerstone for the development of high frequency skin therapy. Today, high frequency technology has become a safe and effective standard treatment in the skincare and cosmetics sphere.

The science behind how high frequency facial wands work

High frequency facial wands integrate several cutting-edge technologies into an advanced skincare device. Its core technique involves generating high frequency alternating electric currents, typically ranging from 0.5-2MHz. Through meticulous circuit designs and conversions, the device can deliver stable and controllable high frequency outputs. Such currents are completely safe for the human body yet can ionize gas molecules.

Therefore, skin contact electrodes can efficiently conduct microcurrents that stimulate skin renewal and blood flow without excessive heating or burning.

profacialwand™ high frequency facial wand

All high frequency wands utilize uniquely designed glass electrodes to treat and prevent stubborn acne, accelerate pimple healing, shrink enlarged pores, brighten dull complexions, fade fine lines and dark circles, as well as stimulate hair follicles for hair growth.

These shaped glass electrodes contain neon or argon gas. Under high frequency stimulation, they ionize to produce abundant oxygen ions with potent oxidizing capacities to kill acne-causing bacteria on the epidermis. This explains the remarkable effectiveness of high frequency wands in treating acne and pimples, as well as reducing skin inflammation.

Scientific research has verified that oxygen ions can inhibit tyrosinase activity in the skin to reduce pigmentation, achieving whitening and brightening effects; stimulate fibroblast cells to generate new collagen and elastin proteins that improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles; elevate skin oxygen metabolism, promoting circulation and nutrition absorption.

Currently, high frequency wands come in three main types – neon, argon gas or a mixture. They produce orange or purple lights respectively. Traditionally, it was believed the orange light from neon better served anti-aging while the purple light from argon worked best on acne. However, latest studies show all types of high frequency wands can be effectively used for various skincare purposes.

In summary, through the synergistic application of gas ionization, microcurrent conduction and high frequency electronics, high frequency facial wands deliver remarkable skincare outcomes like deep cleansing, metabolism boosting, disinfection, skin tightening and more with outstanding efficacy and safety.

What Is A High Frequency Facial wand

A high frequency facial wand is an innovative handheld device used in skincare therapies and facials. It utilizes special high frequency electrical currents and inert gases to deliver deep cleansing, nourishing and restorative effects for the skin.

High frequency wands are a safe, non-invasive tool that can be used on all skin types to promote a clearer, more radiant and youthful complexion. The oscillations impart both immediate and lasting benefits for the skin when used regularly. At-home treatment is easy and effective.

high frequency facial wand

What Are The Benefits of High Frequency Facial Wand?

The unique advantages of high frequency facial wands make them an essential tool for professional skincare. The powerful benefits can be summarized as:

  • Deep Cleansing of Pores - The oxygen ions generated have antimicrobial effects to kill acne-causing bacteria and prevent breakouts and zits. The UV rays also sanitize the skin.
  • Minimizing Pores - The mild thermal effect helps loosen and remove dirt and sebum clogged in pores, reducing their visible appearance.
  • Evening Skin Tone - The oxygen inhibits excess melanin production, fading spots and discoloration for more even-toned skin.
  • Collagen Stimulation - The oxygen boosts collagen synthesis in the dermis, making skin more plump and elastic.
  • Softening Fine Lines - Collagen regeneration helps diminish the look of fine wrinkles for more youthful skin.
  • Boosting Radiance - Improved circulation and cell metabolism infuse the skin with a lively, healthy glow.
  • Soothing and Relaxing - The facial massage technique absorbs tension for both physical and mental relaxation.
  • Promoting Hair Growth - The high frequency current helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. The enriched blood supply brings more nutrients to the hair roots.

    The cutting-edge technology and noticeable effects of high frequency wands make them hugely popular for comprehensive skin enhancement.

    Tips for Using a High-Frequency Wand

    how to use high frequency facial wand

    Using a high frequency facial wand effectively takes some practice. Follow these tips for best results:

    • Cleanse and tone the skin first to remove any dirt, oil, or impurities that may interfere with treatment effectiveness. Gently wash the face with a mild cleanser and apply toner.

    • Glide the glass electrode head softly over the skin in outward, circular motions. Be very gentle and do not press too hard.

    • Start at the lowest intensity setting and slowly increase the power to a comfortable level. Avoid using the highest settings.

    • Focus on problem areas like breakouts, pigmentation, or wrinkles, but treat the entire face for optimal results.

    • Angle the electrode tip perpendicular to the face. Adjust the angle around the nose, eyes, and mouth.

    • Spend no more than 3 minutes on each facial area before moving to the next section.

    • Finish treatments by gently massaging in a nourishing moisturizer to hydrate and enhance absorption.

    • Clean the electrode with rubbing alcohol after each use to disinfect.

    • Use the high-frequency wand 1-3 times per week for best effects.

    • Always apply SPF 30 sunscreen after treatment to protect skin.

    Following these tips will help maximize the benefits of high-frequency skin therapy in a safe and effective manner. Be patient and consistent to see optimal anti-aging, nourishing, and restorative effects emerge.

    Orange vs. Purple High-Frequency Electrodes: Key Differences

    As mentioned, the attachments for high frequency electrodes are made of tempered glass and come in various shapes for use on different areas.The main difference between orange and purple high-frequency electrodes lies in their specific therapeutic properties and intended applications:

    Orange High-Frequency Electrode

    • Orange High-Frequency Electrode: Orange electrodes are typically used for a milder, calming, and general skin treatment. They are often favored for sensitive or dry skin types. The orange color is associated with a soothing effect and is commonly used for overall skin rejuvenation, promoting a healthy complexion, and improving blood circulation.

    • Purple High-Frequency Electrode: Purple electrodes, on the other hand, are known for their antibacterial and germicidal properties. They are often used to target acne-prone or problematic skin due to their ability to combat bacteria and reduce inflammation. The purple color signifies a focus on sterilization and the treatment of specific skin issues.

    Purple High-Frequency Electrode

    In summary, orange high-frequency electrodes are used for general skin rejuvenation and circulation enhancement, while purple high-frequency electrodes are primarily used for their antibacterial properties, especially in treating acne or blemish-prone skin. The choice between them depends on your specific skin type and the desired therapeutic outcome.

    How to choose a high frequency facial wand

    Identify Your Skincare Goals:

    Determine your primary skincare concerns and goals. High-frequency wands can address a variety of issues, including acne, fine lines, and circulation improvement. Knowing your goals will help you choose the right wand for your needs.

    Consider Gas Type:

    High-frequency wands use different gases, such as neon, argon, or helium. Each gas may produce a different color and have varying effects on the skin. Research the properties of the gas used in the wand to ensure it aligns with your skincare goals.

    Select the Appropriate Electrodes:

    High-frequency wands come with different electrode attachments, each designed for specific purposes.

    Ease of Use:

    Ensure that the wand is user-friendly and comes with clear instructions for safe and effective use.

    How often can you use a high frequency facial wand?

    “only use one for about 2-3 minutes maximum or to spot-treat a breakout.”says Emma Smith, Licensed Esthetician & Learning and Development Manager at Glowbar.

    The official usage frequency guidelines for high frequency facial wands from profacialwand™.

    High frequency wands are gentle enough for daily use. For best results, use your high frequency device 3 to 5 times per week. More frequent use helps boost collagen production, improve acne, and prevent future breakouts. However, it’s important not to overuse it. Start with every other day, and monitor your skin. Those with dry or sensitive skin may tolerate high frequency treatment just 2 to 3 times weekly.

    High frequency facial wand before and after

    Using a high frequency facial wand can bring remarkable improvements and changes to your skin. Before high frequency treatments, many people struggle with similar issues like dullness, breakouts, sagging skin, enlarged pores, etc. This is often due to poor circulation, slow cell turnover, and imbalance of bacteria.

    After consistent use of 2-3 times per week for 5-10 minutes, you will notice dramatic results:

    • More radiant, rosier complexion with contoured facial definition from boosted circulation.

    • Reduced breakouts and dullness, with cleaner, tighter pores thanks to the disinfecting and regenerative effects.

    • Improved hydration and firmness from accelerated cell metabolism.

    • An overall more youthful and vibrant facial contour from the anti-aging benefits.

    In summary, high frequency facial wands can remarkably improve skin in a short time for a healthy, toned complexion! It’s an effective skincare tool worth investing in.

    (Real case reference:High frequency facial wand before and after)

    What are the side effects of high frequency facial wands?

    When used correctly, high frequency wands are very safe. Possible side effects include:

    • Mild tingling or warmth sensation during treatment
    • Gentle “ozone” smell during use
    • Slight redness after treatment if held too close to the skin
    • Dryness or irritation if used too aggressively on sensitive skin

    To avoid irritation, start slowly with short treatment times. Avoid direct contact with the glass electrode. And don’t use on broken or inflamed skin.

    The cost

    High frequency facial wands are absolutely worth the investment for anyone looking to elevate their skincare routine. Prices typically range from $50-$200 USD, which is very affordable compared to in-office dermatology treatments costing hundreds per session.

    For example, our Profacialwand device is only $79.99, frequently on sale for less. Getting high frequency facials from a med spa usually costs $100-$300 per treatment, with a recommended schedule of 4-6 sessions per month. That adds up to over $1,500 yearly! Purchasing your own wand saves tremendously long-term.

    Not only is it budget-friendly, but these convenient at-home wands provide professional-level results improving acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and more. The value for your money is exceptional.

    Overall, high frequency wands are a smart, savvy purchase that delivers medical spa treatments at a fraction of the price. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to enhance their complexion. The affordability combined with clinical effectiveness makes these devices a skincare essential. Give one a try - your skin will thank you!

    Revive Your Skin, Restore Your Radiance.

    At Lucsuer®, we believe everyone deserves healthy, vibrant skin. That dream drives our product designs. We're dedicated to innovating technologies that restore your skin's radiance and vitality. We continuously optimize our PRO FacialWand high frequency wands to revive and rejuvenate your complexion. We love hearing our customers' positive feedback, because our purpose is helping you regain confidence and beauty. We'll keep pushing boundaries through R&D to realize our vision of assisting all in rediscovering their skin's luminosity. Join us in exploring your possibilities for renewal.

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