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High Frequency Wand for Hair: A Complete Guide

by ProFacialWand 12 Aug 2023
high frequency hair growth

Have you noticed excessive hair fall or damaged and lifeless hair strands lately? Are you looking for an effective and safe solution to treat your hair woes? Using a high frequency wand for hair might be the answer.
In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything about using a high frequency wand for hair care.

What is a High Frequency Wand for Hair?

High Frequency Facial Wand

A high frequency wand is a handheld device used in aesthetic skin and hair treatments. It generates a low level high-frequency alternating current, delivered through different attachments like a comb, mushroom, or pointer.
When used on the scalp and hair, the high-frequency alternating current has many benefits. It helps improve blood circulation, nourish hair follicles, remove sebum buildup, stimulate growth, and repair damage.
Regular use of a high frequency wand can make the hair smooth, shiny, and voluminous. It is considered a safe, non-invasive treatment for hair care.

How Does a High Frequency Wand Work on Hair?

The high-frequency electromagnetic current has an oscillating effect on the molecules it contacts. This creates a warming sensation and micro-vibrations.
On the scalp skin and hair, the high-frequency current helps in several ways:

  • Improves blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes hair follicles
  • Removes sebum, dead skin, and product buildup from the scalp
  • Provides a light massage to the scalp to stimulate growth
  • Softens and conditions the hair cuticles to make hair smoother
  • Adds shine and reduces frizz by sealing the hair cuticles
    The end result is visibly healthier, shinier, and voluminous hair. Regular high-frequency treatments can also help reduce hair loss.

high frequency for hair

Benefits of Using a High Frequency Wand on Hair

Here are some of the major benefits of using a high frequency wand for hair care:

Nourishes Hair Follicles

The high-frequency current increases blood circulation in the scalp. This nourishes the hair follicles and provides nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Reduces Hair Loss

It stimulates the scalp skin and follicles, removing blockages. This can help reduce hair fall and increase growth.

Cleanses Scalp

The micro-vibrations loosen dirt, sebum and dead skin cell buildup on the scalp. This unclogs follicles and allows them to function optimally.

Adds Shine and Smoothness

It adds shine by sealing the outer hair cuticle layers. It also softens hair texture by enabling moisture retention within the strands.

Prevents Damage

The nourishing effects strengthen hair strands and increase elasticity. This makes hair less prone to breakage and split ends.

Improves Volume

Healthier follicles produce thicker and voluminous hair. The massaging effect also lifts the hair roots to add volume.

How to Use a High Frequency Wand for Hair?

Follow these simple steps to correctly use your high frequency wand for hair:

  • Tie up your hair and remove any clips, bands, or accessories.
  • Divide hair into sections. Start the treatment from the underside layers.
  • Choose the comb or mushroom attachment based on your needs.
  • Place the attachment 2-3 inches from your scalp. Slowly glide it along the sections.
  • Do 2-3 passes over each section, for 2-5 minutes per section.
  • Move to upper hair layers and repeat. Cover the entire scalp area.
  • End the session after 10-15 minutes.
  • Use the treatment 2-3 times a week for best results.
    Always ensure proper contact between the scalp skin and attachment. But do not press down hard.

How to Use a High Frequency Wand for Hair

High Frequency Comb Attachments for Hair

The comb attachments with thin metal teeth are ideal for hair treatments. Here’s how they benefit the hair:

  • Gently massages and stimulates the scalp
  • Removes sebum and dead skin cell buildup
  • Increases blood flow to nourish follicles
  • Activates hair growth and prevents loss
  • Adds shine and smoothness to hair
  • The comb attachment is suited for all hair types. It covers the scalp evenly and targets the follicle roots directly.

Precautions for Safe High Frequency Hair Treatment

To avoid any side effects, follow these precautions when using a high frequency wand on your hair:

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, throat or heart. Keep 6 inches distance from these areas.
  • Those with pacemakers should consult a doctor before use.
  • Do not use on wet hair or with wet hands. This may cause electric shocks.
  • Start at the lowest intensity setting and increase gradually per comfort.
  • Limit session length to 10-15 minutes maximum per use.
  • Allow 1-2 days gap between sessions. Do not overuse.
  • Stop immediately if you feel prickling or unpleasant sensations.
  • Pregnant women should refrain from use as a precaution.
    When used correctly for appropriate durations, high frequency treatment is considered safe for hair care. Pay attention to any signs of irritation and discontinue use if they occur.

Before and After Results of High Frequency Hair Treatment

With regular use, a high frequency wand can give noticeable improvements in hair’s health, texture and volume.
Most users report seeing benefits within 4-6 weeks of use. But results depend on hair type and extent of existing damage.
Here are some common improvements seen after consistent high frequency hair treatments:

  • Up to 50% reduction in hair loss and increased thickness
  • Smoother, softer and more manageable hair texture
  • Minimized frizz and flyaways for sleek hair
  • Significant reduction in split ends
  • Improved hair strength, elasticity and durability
  • Up to 2 times increase in hair volume and body
  • Up to 20% increase in shine and luster

How to Buy a High Frequency Wand for Hair?

Consider the following when buying a high frequency wand for DIY hair treatments:

  • FDA-Approved: Ensure the device has FDA clearance for safety.
  • Attachments: Look for multiple attachments like comb, mushroom, and pointer.
  • Adjustable Frequency: Devices with range from 0.5 MHz to 3 MHz allow personalized settings.
  • Digital Display: An LED/LCD display allows controlling treatment time and intensity.
  • Durability: Opt for wands with a sturdy, ergonomic handle and good electrode connectivity.
  • Warranty: 1-5 years manufacturer warranty ensures a safer investment.
    Some top recommended brands for hair are Rio, Bellezza Secreto, and Plasma Skin Care. Consult your dermatologist before purchasing a device.

The Takeaway

Regular use of a high frequency wand can provide a safe, effective solution for many hair problems. It improves scalp health, reduces hair loss, increases volume, and repairs damage with zero side effects.
Invest in an FDA cleared, high-quality device with the right attachments. Follow the instructions carefully and use it consistently to see transformative results in the health and appearance of your hair.
The comb attachment is suited for all hair types. It covers the scalp evenly and targets the follicle roots directly.

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