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Radiant, Youthful Skin: Why You Need High Frequency Facials

by ProFacialWand 05 Jan 2024
Radiant, Youthful Skin: Why You Need High Frequency Facials

Gone are the days when skincare was limited to cleansers, toners and moisturizers. With advanced technologies, new and innovative skincare gadgets are taking over our dressers for achieving salon-like facials at home. One such gadget that has been creating a buzz lately is the high frequency facial wand that helps revive and rejuvenate skin.

What Is A High Frequency Facial Wand and How Does It Work?

A high frequency facial wand is a handheld device that uses a high-frequency electrical current to deliver gentle oxygenating heat and vibrations deep into the skin. This heating oxygenation helps:

  • Boost blood circulation
  • Open up pores
  • Kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Encourage collagen production

The vibrations from the wand also have a mild lifting effect on the facial muscles, making skin appear firmer and more toned. Regular use leads to reduced fine lines, minimized pores, an even skin tone and a healthy glow overall.

Since these wands are suitable for all skin types and are non-invasive, they have become a staple in everyday skincare routines. But with so many options available, how do you know which is the best high frequency wand for you? Let’s find out.

Choosing the Right High Frequency Facial Wand

Here are some factors you must consider when choosing your high frequency wand:

The Material of the Electrodes

Most facial wands have glass electrodes that glide smoothly across the skin. However, glass is prone to breakage. So silicone or metal electrodes make for more durable options for regular use.

Corded or Rechargeable Design

Corded wands limit your movement but provide consistent power output. Rechargeable wands with batteries offer more flexibility but the battery performance may degrade over time. Consider your usage to make the right pick.

Adjustable Frequency Settings

Higher frequency settings emit more intensive oxygenation suitable for mature skin. Lower frequencies gently stimulate blood flow for delicate skin. Variable frequency lets you customize the treatment so pick a wand with multiple settings.

Safety Certifications

Having CE, FCC or RoHS certification indicates that the wand meets international safety standards for home use electronic devices. This ensures protection against electrical shocks, burns, fire hazards and health risks.


Professional treatment may cost $100+ per facial session while home-use wands range anywhere between $20 to $200 based on the features. Only opt for a more premium wand if you will use it regularly.

6 Easy Ways to Use Your High Frequency Facial Wand

Follow these steps to use your high frequency wand for visibly radiant skin:

  1. Cleanse and Tone

    Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and follow it up with an alcohol-free toner before using the facial wand. This prevents skin irritation and prepares skin.

  2. Apply Serum or Conducting Gel

    For the electrical current to transmit deep into your skin, apply a thin layer of conductive gel or a hydrating serum which acts as a medium. Oils work too.

  3. Glide Gently Over Skin

    Power on the wand and using light, feathery motions, hover over skin starting from your chin moving upwards. Never press the electrodes directly on skin.

  4. Adjust Frequency if Required

    Start with the lowest frequency setting of your wand moving slowly upwards as your skin adapts. Higher frequencies visibly tighten skin.

  5. Target All Facial Areas

    Run the wand over every section of your face - cheeks, nose, forehead, neck for 2-3 minutes each. Be very gentle around the delicate eye region.

  6. Moisturize Well

    Post-treatment, apply your favorite nourishing moisturizer or anti-aging face cream to lock in the benefits. Your skin will fully absorb them thanks to opened-up pores.

When used with care, a high frequency facial wand beats expensive, painful anti-aging treatments. But this is only one way to leverage innovative skincare gadgets…

Revive Tu Piel, Restaura Tu Resplandor.

En ProFacialWand™, creemos que todos merecen una piel saludable y vibrante. Ese sueño impulsa nuestros diseños de productos. Estamos dedicados a innovar tecnologías que restauren la luminosidad y vitalidad de tu piel. Continuamente optimizamos nuestras varitas para revivir y rejuvenecer tu tez. Nos encanta escuchar los comentarios positivos de nuestros clientes, porque nuestro propósito es ayudarte a recuperar la confianza y la belleza. Seguiremos empujando los límites a través de la I+D para realizar nuestra visión de ayudar a todos a redescubrir la luminosidad de su piel. Únete a nosotros en la exploración de tus posibilidades de renovación.
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