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The Ultimate Guide to Intensive Skin Therapy for Dry Skin

by ProFacialWand 02 Sep 2023
skin therapy

skin therapy


Dry, flaky and itchy skin can be a nuisance that affects your daily life. Skin therapy provides solutions to rejuvenate your skin by intensively hydrating and nourishing it. This article will explore what intensive skin therapy is, why your skin needs it, common dry skin problems requiring therapy, tips for an effective skin therapy routine, and professional skin therapy options like skin therapy masks and skin therapy treatments. Read on to uncover the best practices for intensive skin therapy to treat dry, parched skin.

What is skin therapy and why your skin needs it

Skin therapy refers to therapeutic skincare treatments and products that address various skin concerns like dryness, acne, aging etc. It goes beyond just cleansing and moisturizing, to provide solutions that renew and transform your skin. Skin therapy delivers targeted ingredients and techniques customized to your skin type and condition.

Dry, dehydrated skin is one of the most common skin conditions that calls for intensive moisturizing therapy. When skin lacks sufficient moisture, it loses plumpness and elasticity, leading to a dry, dull and flaky complexion. Skin may feel tight and itchy when stretched. Severely dry skin can even crack and bleed.

Skin needs customized therapy because it varies for different people and changes as we age. Factors like climate, health, medications and genetics affect your skin type and concerns over time. Your skin constantly sheds dead cells and exposes fresh new cells, meaning its needs are dynamic. An effective skin therapy routine nourishes skin through these renewal cycles and provides solutions tailored to your skin’s evolving needs.

Common skin problems that require therapy

Many benign but bothersome skin conditions can benefit from therapeutic treatment, especially extremely dry, flaky skin. Some common skin problems that indicate your skin needs intensive moisturizing therapy include:

  • Dry, rough skin patches - Dry skin often first manifests as rough, scaly patches. Elbows, knees and hands are typical problem areas.
  • Itching and tightness - Dry skin often feels tight, brittle and itchy when stretched. This happens when the skin lacks sufficient moisture and lipids.
  • Flakiness - Excessive dryness leads to a buildup of dead skin flakes, giving skin an undesirable white, ashy appearance.
  • Redness - Dehydrated skin often appears reddened as capillaries dilate to increase blood flow. Sensitive skin is especially prone to redness.
  • Fine lines and crepiness - Dry skin loses elasticity over time, causing wrinkles and a crepey texture. Lines and creases become more pronounced.
  • Cracking and peeling - Extremely parched skin can crack, split and even bleed. Hands and feet are vulnerable.
  • Acne and breakouts - When dry skin fails to shed properly, pores can clog and cause pimples or breakouts.

Targeted intensive skin therapy provides customized solutions like skin therapy masks and moisturizers to treat these dry skin problems and restore a hydrated, healthy complexion.

Introducing intensive skin therapy for dry skin

Intensive skin therapy infuses your skin with deeply hydrating and nourishing ingredients to remedy extremely dry, flaky skin from within. It provides lasting hydration that simply moisturizing the surface cannot achieve.

Intensive therapy uses active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the dermis, the innermost layer of your skin. Key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and natural oils help hydrate skin on a cellular level. This plumps, firms and regenerates skin over time.

Skin therapy products often utilize occlusion or sealing techniques to prolong moisture retention. Rich creams, overnight masks and oils create a protective barrier that prevents precious moisture from evaporating. This provides long-lasting relief from dryness.

Additionally, skin therapy leverages compounds like ceramides, vitamins and botanical extracts to repair the skin barrier and seal in hydration. These replenishing ingredients make parched skin smoother, softer and healthier.

For extremely dry skin, an intensive skin therapy routine is essential. The Renew Intensive Skin Therapy line features a system of serums, creams and masques that work together to deeply hydrate your skin. With regular use, even the driest complexions become dewier, smoother and more radiant.

Tips for an effective skin therapy routine

While the products you use are important, how you apply them also makes a big difference. Follow these best practices for optimal results from your skin therapy routine:

  • Cleanse gently - Use a non-foaming, non-stripping cleanser that won’t compromise your skin’s moisture. Avoid scrubbing.
  • Apply serums first - Serums contain active ingredients in concentrated formulas that penetrate deeply. Apply them before heavier creams.
  • Use hydrating toners - Hydrating toners provide an extra layer of moisture and refresh skin. Seek soothing botanical formulas.
  • Apply creams when damp - Applying moisturizer onto damp skin seals in the water on your skin’s surface.
  • Massage products in - Take the time to massage products into your skin to increase absorption and boost circulation.
  • Focus on dry zones - Target extra product onto the driest areas like your knees, elbows, hands and feet.
  • Exfoliate strategically - Very dry skin should not be scrubbed daily. Use gentle chemical exfoliants up to 2-3 times per week.
  • Mask regularly - Give your skin an extra moisture boost 2-3 times per week with a hydrating overnight or wash-off mask.
  • Mist throughout the day - Keep a facial mist with you to refresh skin and provide a hydration pick-me-up anytime.
  • Use a humidifier - Running a humidifier at home and at work prevents moisture from evaporating from your skin.
  • Wear gloves - Protect your hands from drying out by wearing gloves for wet work and cold weather.
  • Avoid hot showers - Hot water strips moisture from skin. Keep showers lukewarm.
  • Apply SPF - Sun protection prevents damage that can compromise your skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Eat hydrating foods - Foods with omega fatty acids, antioxidants and water content boost your overall skin hydration.

With the right intensive skin therapy routine using products like Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, you can say goodbye to dry, irritated skin.

Professional skin therapy options

For extremely stubborn dry skin or anti-aging benefits, consider adding professional skin therapy treatments to your regimen 1-4 times per year. These clinic treatments provide dramatic results and can be worth the investment.

Popular options include:

  • Hydrafacial - This facial deeply cleanses and infuses skin with hydrating serums. Skin is left supple and moisturized.
  • LED light therapy - Light energy helps stimulate collagen and elastin to plump skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Ultrasound therapy - Ultrasound promotes deep absorption of skincare products using sound waves.
  • Oxygen facials - Pressurized oxygen is applied to the skin to stimulate cell turnover and renew skin.
  • Dermaplaning - A gentle exfoliating procedure that removes dead skin to improve product absorption.
  • Chemical peels - Peels dissolve the top layer of skin so fresh new skin is revealed.
  • Microneedling - Micro-punctures allow serums to penetrate better and boost collagen growth.
  • Intense pulse light (IPL) - IPL treats redness and promotes collagen production for firmer skin.
  • Skin tightening treatments - Options like Thermage and Ultherapy use energy to tighten and firm loose skin.

For optimal results, combine in-office procedures with take-home skin therapy products like masks, serums and creams. This provides both intensive short-term replenishment and strengthening long-term benefits for your skin.

Consult a dermatologist or esthetician to determine which professional treatments may benefit your skin type and concerns.


Dry, flaky skin can be improved with a targeted skin therapy routine that deeply hydrates while also repairing and protecting your skin’s moisture barrier. Using intensive formulas provides lasting relief. Combine take-home products with periodic professional treatments for optimal rejuvenation of lackluster, parched skin. With diligent care, intensive skin therapy promotes a dewy, radiant and youthful-looking complexion.

Remember to cleanse gently, apply serums first and take time to massage products in. Mask regularly, exfoliate strategically and protect your skin from moisture loss. Renew Intensive Skin Therapy offers a complete system to deeply hydrate your skin from within. Give your skin the moisture therapy it deserves and enjoy a smooth, comfortable complexion all year round.

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