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Top 10 Trends In High Frequency Wand To Watch

by ProFacialWand 25 Aug 2023
Wikipedia ProFacialWand

The high frequency wand has become an increasingly popular skincare tool over the past few years. This handheld device uses high-frequency electrical currents to provide deep cleansing and stimulation for the skin. As high frequency wands continue gaining traction in the skincare world, new trends and innovations are emerging.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 trends in high frequency wands that you should keep an eye on. Understanding these trends will help you make informed decisions when purchasing and using a high frequency wand.

More Portable and Cordless Models

In the past, high frequency wands were bulky devices that had to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. However, cordless, rechargeable models are now gaining popularity for their increased portability and ease of use. These lightweight wands contain a built-in battery so you can easily carry them to any room or take them when traveling. The lack of a cord also allows for quicker and simpler use on your face or body without having to stay tethered to an outlet.

Look for lightweight, ergonomic wand shapes with lithium-ion batteries for maximum portability. Popular cordless models include the Yoji Skincare Wand and Radiancy D’Vine Pro.

Increased Frequency Settings

The “high frequency” in these devices refers to the high-speed electrical currents they emit. While early wands operated at a single, fixed frequency, many modern devices allow you to adjust the frequency across a range. Higher frequency settings enable deeper penetration into the skin tissue.

Look for wands with multiple frequency settings up to 2.5 MHz or higher. Adjustable frequencies allow you to tailor the treatment to your specific skincare needs. Higher frequencies work best for issues like acne and rosacea.

Specialized Treatment Heads

In the past, high frequency wands came with a single, general-use glass electrode. Now, many models offer interchangeable treatment heads for specialized effects. Different head shapes allow you to target specific facial zones more effectively. Some common specialized attachment heads include:

  • Mushroom head: Targets broad facial areas like the cheeks, forehead and neck. The rounded shape provides general stimulation.
  • Conical head: Focuses treatment on small, precision areas like blemishes, lips and around the eyes. The tapered tip concentrates the effects.
  • Comb/fork head: Optimized to treat hair and scalp. The tines glide through hair for stimulated, healthy locks.

Look for wands that come with multiple, interchangeable heads so you can customize your treatment. Popular interchangeable models include the InvoSpa IHWR-1801 and Zemits Titanium Comb.

Built-In Safety Features

Since high frequency wands deal with electrical currents, safety is a priority. Many new models come equipped with advanced safety features to prevent accidents and malfunctions. These features help make the wands foolproof and safe for in-home use. Some common safety additions include:

  • Automatic shut-off: The device will automatically turn off after a certain period of inactive time. This prevents accidental overuse.
  • Voltage regulation: Circuitry keeps the input voltage steady and prevents unwanted power surges.
  • EMF shielding: Special casing blocks electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from the device. This protects the user from EMF exposure.
  • Cool-touch exterior: The wand exterior remains cool to the touch even during prolonged use. This reduces risks of accidental burns.

When shopping for a wand, opt for one that combines multiple safety features to maximize protection and peace of mind.

Digital Displays and Settings

Rather than old-fashioned knobs and dials, the newest high frequency wands often feature digital displays and controls. Backlit LED screens clearly show the device settings and treatment time. Many models also allow you to digitally lock in your favorite settings.

Digital controls provide greater convenience and customization compared to outdated manual knobs. They also often come equipped with built-in timers so you can precisely track your treatment duration.

Longer, Ergonomic Handles

Standard wands used to come with short, stubby handles that made prolonged facial treatment feel awkward. New ergonomic handle designs are longer and slimmer to increase comfort. The elongated shape allows you to maneuver the wand across your face with ease for a smooth, even treatment.

Look for curved, lightweight handles at least 6 inches long. Silicone is a common material for its comfortable, non-slip grip. Ergonomic handles reduce strain on your hands and wrists during facial therapy.

Dual Operation Modes

High frequency wands work in one of two main modes:

  • Direct high frequency: Applies currents directly to the skin's surface for cleansing and stimulating.
  • Indirect high frequency: Emits high frequency arcs to generate ozone for disinfection.

Many new dual-mode wands allow you to alternate between direct and indirect operation. This grants greater flexibility to target a wider range of skincare concerns. For example, you may use direct mode to reduce acne bacteria followed by short indirect bursts to disinfect active breakouts.

Dual models like the Abox High Frequency Wand combine both direct skin treatment and ozone-generating benefits.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Since you press high frequency wands directly against your face, proper cleansing is essential. The newest models now feature built-in UV sterilization to kill bacteria between uses.

Sterilization wands have a special cavity with a UV-C LED. After use, you insert the interchangeable treatment heads into the chamber and close the lid. The UV light automatically activates to eliminate 99% of microorganisms so the device stays hygienic.

UV sterilization makes it much simpler to safely share your wand with family or roommates. Germ-conscious consumers will appreciate this extra peace of mind.

Hydrating Attachment Heads

While high frequency wands provide deep facial cleansing, they can also dry out skin with overuse. To combat this, some companies now offer hydrating head attachments.

These specialized heads have an inner reservoir that holds skin serums or water. As you glide the head across your face, it gently deposits hydrating liquid onto the skin's surface. The combination of conductive stimulation and hydrating fluid provides the best of both worlds: deep cleansing without dryness or irritation.

Hydrating heads ensure your skin stays supple and moisturized even after prolonged high frequency wand usage. They help support the skin's natural moisture barrier.

At-Home Facial Kits

For the ultimate pampering experience, look for high frequency wands included in comprehensive at-home facial kits. These kits contain the wand alongside other products to enhance and prolong the benefits.

Standard kit items may include:

  • Serums: Hydrating serums to prep skin and enhance conductivity.
  • Creams: Rich creams to moisturize and protect skin after treatment.
  • Rollers: Microcurrent rollers for an added facial lift effect.
  • Masks: Sheet masks to lock in moisture following therapy.
  • Brushes: Soft brushes to gently remove dead skin before wand use.

Kits containing complementary skincare products help boost the effectiveness of your high frequency wand usage.

Dual Pulsed Current

Rather than a continuous current, some of the most advanced wands now use a dual pulsed current. This involves alternating the electrical waveform to better penetrate the skin's surface.

Pulsing the current induces gentle muscular contractions in the facial tissue. This tones and tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance. The varying wave pattern also allows for deeper product absorption than standard direct current wands.

Dual pulsed models like the Angel Kiss provide both deep cleansing and mild skin lifting results.


From cordless designs to UV sterilization, high frequency skincare wands continue getting smarter and more convenient. As this technology expands, new trends will emerge to provide better performance and user customization.

Keep an eye on the top trends we've covered to make the most informed high frequency wand purchase. Choosing a feature-rich wand with advanced capabilities will help you achieve glowing, healthy skin with ease.

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