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Types of High Frequency Wands

by Pro FacialWand 27 Jul 2023
Wikipedia ProFacialWand

High frequency electrical current delivers proven skin rejuvenation results. But not all high frequency wands are the same. There are important differences between the types available. In this guide, we’ll compare the various kinds of high frequency wands on the market and their pros and cons.

Power Source: Corded vs Cordless

The first major difference is how the wand gets power:

Corded High Frequency Wands

Corded wands plug directly into a wall outlet via an electrical cord. This gives them an unlimited power source. Corded wands offer the highest intensity settings. Professional esthetician wands are usually corded for maximum output.


  • Most powerful intensity
  • Unlimited usage time
  • Constant power flow


  • Must be near outlet during use
  • Cord gets in the way
  • Not portable

Cordless (Rechargeable) Wands

Cordless wands run on a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life varies, but averages around 1-3 hours per charge. Cordless high frequency wands emphasize portability and convenience.


  • Use anywhere, any time
  • No cords to get tangled
  • Easy storage
  • Good for travel


  • Limited usage per charge
  • Recharging takes time
  • Less powerful

For professional settings, corded high frequency wands make the most sense. But consumers prefer the flexibility of cordless rechargeable models for home use.

Waveform: Sinusoidal vs. Tesla

High frequency current alternates between positive and negative charges. There are two main patterns or waveforms:

Sinusoidal Current

Sinusoidal current oscillates in smooth sine waves. The electrical charge gradually shifts between positive and negative. This creates a gentle “massage-like” effect.


  • More comfortable
  • Low risk of irritation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Less penetration of current
  • Results may take longer

Tesla Current

Named after Nikola Tesla, this waveform spikes between sharp positive and negative peaks. The rapid oscillation forces the electrical current deeper into the tissues.


  • Stronger stimulation
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Faster results


  • Higher risk of irritation
  • Can feel uncomfortably “buzzier”

Sinusoidal high frequency offers a smoother sensation, while Tesla boosts effects but may cause discomfort on sensitive skin.

Direct vs. Indirect Application

Another key differentiator is whether the high frequency electrode touches the skin or not:

Direct Wands

Direct wands have electrodes that physically contact the skin during treatment. The current transfers immediately from the electrode surface into the upper dermal layer.

Direct high frequency requires conductive electrode materials like metal or carbon. Since the electrode touches the skin, thorough sanitizing between uses is essential.


  • Strong stimulation
  • Maximizes conduction


  • Increased risk of irritation
  • Requires disinfection
  • Limited for home use

Indirect Wands

Indirect wands use an air gap method where the electrode hovers above the skin, never touching it. The high frequency current ionizes the air to transmit energy.

Glass electrodes are inert so they don’t conduct the current directly. This makes indirect application safer and non-irritating.


  • Decreased risk of irritation
  • Safe for home use
  • Low maintenance


  • Reduced power transmission
  • Results may take longer

Estheticians still employ direct wands. But indirect wands are the standard for acne and anti-aging high frequency treatment.

Electrode Types

The electrode is the head attachment that emits the high frequency current. Different materials influence treatment:

Glass Electrodes

Glass is inert so it does not interact with the electrical current or skin’s surface. Glass electrodes allow indirect application. They require a conductive gel or oil to transfer the energy.

Glass comes in various shapes like mushrooms, curved, or comb-shaped to enable targeting treatment areas. Reusable glass electrodes must be sanitized after each use.


  • Indirect is safe for home devices
  • Different shapes for versatility
  • Low maintenance


  • Requires conductive gel
  • Delicate - can crack or chip
  • Gradually lose effectiveness

Quartz Crystal Electrodes

Quartz crystal boasts enhanced conductive properties. The oscillating current excites the quartz molecules to transmit energy deeper into tissues.

Quartz electrodes don’t require a conductive medium. The lower electrical resistance delivers stronger stimulation compared to glass wands.


  • More powerful effects
  • No gels or fluids needed
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Easier to overdo treatment
  • expensive
  • Heavy - causes operator fatigue

Quartz crystal high frequency wands provide both convenience and stronger results. However, they require careful use to avoid overtreatment.

Bare Metal Electrodes

As the name suggests, these electrodes have an exposed metal tip that directly contacts skin. Because metal conducts electricity, bare metal electrodes allow for direct high frequency treatment.

Copper, silver, zinc, and gold are common electrode metals, though silver offers the best conductivity. Sterilization is critical with this direct contact method.


  • Strongest conduction
  • Effective for electrocautery
  • Can manipulate variable waveforms


  • Only for professional use
  • Risk of burns and irritation
  • Requires extensive disinfection

Bare metal electrodes are reserved for advanced esthetic procedures due to their power.

Multiple vs. Single Electrodes

High frequency wands either have:

  • A single, fixed electrode
  • Multiple interchangeable electrodes

Single electrode wands are more limited. Interchangeable electrodes offer greater versatility in a single device.

Standard electrodes include:

  • Mushroom - Broad area coverage
  • Comb - Good for scalp
  • Bent - Contours around eyes and nose
  • Flat - Spot treatment
  • Acne - Reaches into pores
  • Ball - General massage

Having various electrode shapes allows you to customize treatments for different needs.

The Best Wands For Home Use

For safe, effective home high frequency treatment, the ideal wands have:

  • Indirect application - Glass electrodes hover over skin
  • Multiple electrodes - For treatment versatility
  • Adjustable intensity - Start low and work up
  • Rechargeable battery - For portability
  • Auto shut-off timer - Shuts off after 10 minutes max for safety
  • Tesla waveform - Stronger stimulation for results
  • Warranty - Ensure quality and customer support

Shop medical-grade brands like ProFacialWand, Norlanya, Beturn, and BelleCore that balance power with safety. Follow the user guidelines for optimal home high frequency facials.

The Takeaway

Not all high frequency wands are created equal. Key differences include:

  • Power source - Corded vs. cordless/rechargeable
  • Waveform - Sinusoidal vs. Tesla
  • Application method - Direct vs. indirect
  • Electrode material - Glass vs. quartz vs. metal
  • Number of electrodes - Single vs. multiple

Indirect glass wands with interchangeable electrodes and Tesla waveform make the best at-home high frequency devices. They balance safety and effectiveness for regular skin rejuvenation.

Knowing the variations helps you select the right high frequency wand for your needs and usage. Consult an experienced esthetician if new to high frequency treatment. With a quality device and proper technique, you can enjoy the glowing benefits.

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